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About Us

Thompson Custom Gifts was founded with a simple goal: to create a high quality, beautifully crafted Photo Clock at a reasonable price point.

With today's huge volume of photography you may look for something to do with that special photo you have, I had that same thought which started way back when I was about 10 years old. I started making Photo Clocks a couple years ago just for family and friends. There was some local interest in how I made my Photo Clocks which led to the creation of this website to show some different designs since just about everyone had access to the internet.

A year after I put up the website for people around town to view ideas, instead of trying to print new flyers every-time something changed. I started getting emails and phone calls from people. To my surprise, they were not from my area, they were from everywhere, I never had any intention of making Photo Clocks for the entire Country. It took a lot of thought before I decided to allow ordering and shipping from the website.

Much has changed but one thing remains the same, a simple goal: create a high quality, beautifully crafted Photo Clock at a reasonable price point.

The Photo Clock Guy

We prefer you to take a look at our fabulous Personalized Photo Clocks and framed Personalized Photo Art Print products in person to be sure of what you will be receiving, but if you're not in the area take a look at the short video on how the personalized photo clocks are made on the ordering page.  I will continue to add new Personalized Photo Clock samples for you to pick from, so If you don't see what you like today, please continue to check the website.

At this time we only ship to U.S. addresses only. Alaska and Hawaii will have additional shipping charges.

the photo clock guy